An experience that tastes like coffee and chocolate

“We teach, you create”

It is the path that we trace on our trails so that you can live a sensory and adventurous experience. Here a rural, safe, comfortable and innovative environment awaits you; where you can transform every bit of knowledge into coffee and chocolate-based products.

Years of experience

In visitor reviews


Accessible and indoor trails

Personalized experience at each stage of your visit



Explore each trail while connecting with the flora and fauna of our ecosystem.



Our environment provides the opportunity to share, relive memories, and discover new trails with family, a partner, friends, or even by yourself, in a natural setting.



Our facilities are designed to offer you a fully accessible experience, both indoors and in safe environments


Experiential experience

Experience, create, compare, and savor your own creations.
Each cup of coffee and every bite of chocolate will bear the personalized mark of your journey along our trails

Connect with the land, the flavors and the views

Day Tour

2 in 1 Coffee and Chocolate

2 hours

Safe parking and public transportation alternative

Embark on an adventure that combines the best of coffee and chocolate. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the processes, cultures, and natural connections within the environment

Price: U$45

Spanish and English

100% accessible and indoor trails

Night Tour

Night walk and chocolate

2 hours

Safe parking

An entirely unique experience under the cover of night—become an observer of nocturnal wildlife and craft your own chocolate bar with us

Price: U$50

Spanish and English

100% accessible and indoor trails


Convenience and connection in one place

We offer rooms that enable you to connect with nature and fully enjoy your journey. From sunrises accompanied by a traditional cup of coffee to nights filled with the sounds of the environment, adding authentic moments to your experience.

Prices from: US$60

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If you have any inquiries, comments, or need further information about the exciting experiences you can enjoy with our services, we are here to assist you. We aim to address them as quickly as possible, and you can also refer to our Frequently Asked Questions section. The specialized team at Don Juan Tour is here to assist you