Your journey with us begins
with a personalized service

Through our years of experience, we transform your visit into a memorable trip. Each trail was designed to give you a sensory impression in our natural environment. Each trail was designed to give you a sensory impression in our natural environment.

Discover a unique experience with Don Juan Tour

Trained team

With their knowledge and passion, they will guide you in creating your own chocolate and coffee

Unique environment

It will connect you with the essence of chocolate and coffee, creating a unique and enriching experience in our natural environments.


Facilities designed so that each person can enjoy indoor and safe spaces.

Sensory experience

Each creation will carry the personalized touch of your exploration along our trails.

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A look at the essence of Don Juan Tours

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Tours

How long does the tour last?

The Coffee and Chocolate tour typically lasts approximately 2 hours, not including transportation time.

What should I bring?

For your comfort and enjoyment, we recommend bringing mosquito repellent, comfortable shoes and clothing, sunscreen, binoculars (for wildlife observation along the way), and a camera.

In which languages is the tour available?

All our tours are conducted in English and Spanish, depending on the needs of the travelers. If visitors require translation into a third language, they can bring their own translator.

Can people with mobility issues take the tour?

We take pride in ensuring accessibility for all. Our tour is 100% accessible, with wheelchair-adapted trails, and the areas are covered.

Is transportation included?

We provide transportation twice a day from most hotels in downtown La Fortuna at no additional cost. For hotels located further from Fortuna, transportation can be arranged for an additional fee. Please contact us to confirm if your hotel qualifies for free transportation.

Do I need to make reservations for the tour?

We highly recommend making reservations before your visit to secure your spot and confirm the required services. However, if for any reason you couldn’t book in advance, we will be happy to accommodate you on our tours during available schedules.